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The core activity

Report on the activity of Probone Italia welfare Foundation


Probone Italia Foundation, in memory of Mrs Rita Masotti, is a no profit corporation and pursues the aim of social and public interest. Probone Italia was born on Rita Masotti's last will and testament that she left to her family doctor, Alessandro Gasbarrini and to her fraternal friend, Mrs Gabriella Dallaiti. She died bacause of a vertebral tumour that is why Probone Italia pursues the aim of the treatment of oncological pathologies. The composition of Probone Italia Foundation's board of directors, made up of people who were and still are patients suffering from tumours, is further evidence of the strength of spirit and determination that drove Probone Italia. The purpose of Probone Italia Foundation is care and treatment of people suffering from diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system, oncologic or not, also in an advanced and progressive stage, with the application of palliative care and/or in support to patients in order to improve quality and dignity of their life.


Help us immediately with a bank transfer to:

BANCA FIDEURAM SpA - Via delle Lame, 111 40122 Bologna
IT89 F032 9601 6010 0006 7028 273


Via A. Murri, 3 - 40137 Bologna - Italy
Tax Identification 91337870371
Phone: 342/5637.037

E - mail:

Specifically, this happens through the supply of diagnostic services, therapeutic indications, surgical treatment, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, also in agreement or convention to the local health state administration, as well as assisting patients admitted to health organization or not.

Direct contacts have been initiated between Probone Italia and the directions of various private and public hospitals, both in Bologna and in the rest of Italy. In particular the Orthopaedic Institute of Bologna "Rizzoli" and the Nursing Home "Fortunata Toniolo" in Bologna too, have already joined Probone's project.

It is intention and goal of Probone Italia to extend its financial and logistical support to the relatives of patients suffering from these diseases too. That is why Probone Italia trys to find favorable situations and accommodation facilities located mainly in the district of Bologna.


The testing and acceptance criteria for the evaluation of a patient shall be returned to the decision of the Probone Italia's Board of Directors. It act in strict observance of laws and regulations on privacy and self-certification. In total freedom of choice and conscience the Board of Directors shall give top priority to cases of particular indigence and social status, cases which the Board realized the impossibility of incurring costs for necessary treatments. Here's what the Probone Italia wants: using their own funds to ensure care and control by highly specialized personnel to someone which asks for help.

The purposes of Probone Italia are:
a) the care of patients suffering from diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system, oncology or not;
b) the application of palliative care and/or support to patients in order to improve their quality and dignity of life;
c) the supply of diagnostic services, treatment, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, in agreement with the local health reference, directly related to the above conditions and care of patients admitted to health facilities;
d) the implementation and promotion of programs for the care of patients with spinal tumors or other serious illnesses of the musculoskeletal system, in advanced and progressive stage too;
e) assistance and logistical support to the relatives of patients suffering from these diseases to enable them to assist their patient.


The first operation carried out thanks to Probone Italia, was performed at the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute, on December 2, 2011. It was an albanian patient of 36 years old, suffering from a tumor to the pelvis. The disease has caused a fracture to the bone and the woman was forced to a wheelchair. Thanks to the operation, now the patient can walk again.
Probone Italia cover all the costs related to the expenses account per diem.
Surgical equipe, anestesiology equipe and nursing service gave their services free.
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